le cnino valsi po la nicte cadzu

le cmene

  • la fekcrida - demon
  • la daspo fekcrida - bad demons
  • la sepli fekcrida - good demons

lardai - piece of art

d1 is a piece of art created by process l1 which is an art creative application of craft/skill l2 (idea/activity)

velji'i - evidence

tacsa'e - lick

tance satre

s1 = t2 (agent) licks / strokes / rubs s2 with tounge s3 = t1;x3 useful only for things with more than one tongue

x1 satre x2 x3 gi'e se tance x3 .i je x3 srana da po'o poi ponse su'o re tance

tatyji'o - nipple

see gi'uste tatru

tatru jipno

sakcpu - suck (agentive)

see gi'uste sakci

sakci lacpu

cindji - lust

cinse djica

d1 = c1 lusts for / sexually desires activity / state d2 = c2 for purpose d3 thereby exhibiting sexuality / gender / sexual orientation c3 (ka) by standard c4;x3 is usually "lo nu se pluka / tolcortu" or similar

x1 x2 djica x3 gi'e cinse x4 x5 .i x3 so'e roi mintu lo nu se pluka ja tolcortu kei .a lo simsa

tolcortu - pleasure

ralcinfra - orgasm

ralju ke cinse frati

f1 = c1 has an orgasm in response to stimulus f3 under conditions f4, thereby exhibiting sexuality / gender / sexual orientation c3 (ka) by standard c4;f2, c2 and all places of ralju lost to the concept of orgasm

x1 lo ralju be lo cinse se frati bei lo ka pluka be'o frati x2 x3 gi'e cinse x4 x5

UNUSED baisludesku - convulsion

Muscle d1 = s1 convulses / siezes / cramps / involuntarily moves in response to force / event d2 = b1 affecting bodily function s2 in body s3; x4 has a seizure in muscle x1

x1 desku x2 poi bapli kei gi'e sluji x3 x4

tupyjanco - hip

bargau - leave; go outside of

slupli - exercise

jesydi'u - tower

jesni dinju

d1 = j1 is a tower / needle shaped building for purpose d2 made of material(s) j2

x1 dinju be x2 co jesni x3

tabykrili - diamond

tabno krili

t1 = k1 is a quantity of / contains / is made of diamond / crystalline carbon in form/arrangement k3;k2 subsumed (is carbon)

x1 krili lo tabno po'o x2

ka'orze'a - heal

kanro + zenba

z1=k1 (experiencer) heals / increases in health by amount z3 by health stabdard k2; z2 dropped; z3 could be used to describe a completed aspect of healing

x1 zenba fi x2 fe lo ka ce'u kanro x3

rejgau - record, agentive

desygau - shake/wave (agentive)

purlamke'u - previous time

tolcro - pleasure

tolcanci - appear

tengau - stretch (agentive)

g1 stretches t1;g1 causes t1 to stretch / extendto range t2 interval/extent in dimension t3 from relaxed range t4

x1 gasnu lo nu x2 tcena x3 x4 x5

brabra - massive, giant

pofgau - break (functional)

popygau - break (physical)

jivgau - convince

jinvi gasnu

g1 convinxes / causes j1 to think / opine j2 opinion (du'u) is true about subject/issue j3 on grounds j4: x5 is often something like "because x1 said so"

x1 gasnu lo nu x2 jinvi x3 x4 x5 .i x5 pi so'i roi simsa lo du'u x1 catni cusku

xukmrmodafinili - Modafinil

x1 is a quantity of the drug Modafinil

sligau - wave / wag

slilu gasnu

g1 wags / waves causes s1 to oscillate at rate/frequency s2 through set/sequence-of-states s3 (complete specification)

x1 gasnu lo nu x2 slilu x3 x4

jdegau - warn

From gismu list kajde

g1 warns / cautions k2 (person) of / about danger k3

loses k1; check that

zgagau - point out

zgana gasnu

g1 points out / indicates to observer z1 object / event z2 observable using senses/means z3 under conditions z4; g1 causes z1 to notice z2

x1 gasnu lo nu x2 zgana x3 x4 x5

gapmla - above

cuxyvra - siwtch

cuxna vraga

v1 = c1 is a switch / toggle for choosing from set/sequence of alternatives v2 = c3, with fulcrum v3 and arm v4 with current selection c2 choice

x1 cuxna vraga lo nu cuxna fi x2 kei x3 x4 fi'o ca se cuxna x5

BAH! - pavypa'a - expect

pa pacna

x1 expects / predixts / event x2 with a subjectively expected likelihood at or near 1.0; x1 is certain / near certain that event x2 will occur

x1 pacna x2 li ji'i pa

peisku - has thought

x1 thinks x2

Defined in jbovlaste.

badgau - defender

x1 causes event x2 which defends ...

Defined in jbovlaste.

tolrinsa - offers goodbyes

Defined in jbovlaste.

blupinxe - vampire

Defined in jbovlaste.

nerklaji - hallway

x1 klaji x2 x3 gi'e nenri x2

Defined in jbovlaste.

dakxa'i - dagger

Defined in jbovlaste.

cladakxa'i - sword

x1 xarci x2 x3 gi'e dakfu x2 x4 gi'e clani fi x5

Defined in jbovlaste.

rajyserti - ladder

Defined in jbovlaste.

oxtapodi - octopus

Defined in jbovlaste.

cmibi'o - join

cmima binxo

x1 binxo lo cmima be x2 x3

b1=c1 becomes a member of group b2=c2 under conditions b3

remsmimi'i - automaton

remna simsa minji

x1 cu minji x2 gi'e xadni simsa lo remna

m1 = r1 = s1 is an automaton / mostly unintelligent androi d / humanoid machine for purpose m2 (s2 is "lo remna")

rapcreze'a - practice

rapli certu zenba

z1 = c1 (experiencer) increases in skill / expertise at z2 = c2 by amount z3 by means of reapeating action r1 r2 times

x1 zenba lo ka ke'a certu x2 vau x3 se zu'e lo nu x4 rapli x5

nurfu'i - backup

snura fukpi

f1 is a backup / danger avoiding duplicate / copy of f2 = s1 in form / medium f3 made by method f4 to protect / secure against event s2 (generally destruction or loss)

x1 fukpi x2 x3 x4 te zu'e lo nu x2 snura x5 to x5 so'e roi daspo gi'a nu cirko toi

dabytadji - martial art

damba tadji

t1 is a fighting technique / martial art used under conditions t3 by d1 (specific opponent and issue not usually relevant to technique)

x1 tadji lo nu damba kei x2 gau x3 poi ke'a damba to lo se damba .e lo te damba cu so'a roi na srana lo tadji toi

ja'urxe'a - beak

jgalu xedja

j1 = x1 is a / the beak / talon-like jaw (body part) of j2 = x2

x1 jgalu je xedja x2

ruxse'i - soul

See pruxi entry.

p1 = s1 is the soul / spiritual self of s2

x1 pruxi gi'e sevzi x2

xairgau - injurer

g1 causes event x1 which injures / harms / damages victim x2 in property x3 (ka) resulting in injury x4 (state)

x1 gasnu x2 poi ke'a xrani x3 x4 x5

tu'urbirka - tentacle

b1 = t1 is a tentacle / tube-shaped arm body-part of b2 (t2, t3 obvious from b2; generally skin and blood / flesh

x1 birka x2 gi'e tubnu da poi mapti x2 gi'e so'e roi skina vau de poi mapti x2 gi'e so'e roi ciblu ja rectu

spogau - destroyer

g1 destroys, using /through event d1, object / person d2

x1 gasnu lo nu x2 daspo x3

celgunta - shoot

g1 (person/mass) shoots victim g2 with goal /objective g3 using launcher / gun c1 which launches /fires /shoots projectile/missile c2, propelled by c3 propellant /propulsion

x1 gunta x2 x3 se pi'o x4 poi ke'a cecla x5 x6

faurtei - has duration

f1 is an event that has time / temporal duration t1 ranging from starting time / event t2 to ending time / event t3

x1 fasnu ca x2 poi ke'a temci x3 x4

xumjimcelxa'i - gun

xukmi jinme cecla xarci

x1= c1 is a gun / chemically launched metal sluq throwing weapon for use against x2 by x3: weapon fires metallic objects x4 using chemical propellant x5

x1 poi xarci x2 x3 cu cecla x4 poi jinme ra'u vau x5 poi xukmi ra'u

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