Rules For My Servers

General Issues

You're here because you have, or I have offered you, a shell account on one of my servers. Herein are the rules and setup and so on.

Obvious Stuff Is Obvious

Don't do anything stupid or illegal. No cracking, no spam, no warez, no piracy, etc, etc, etc.

Less Obvious Stuff

Power is not cheap at my house. Don't waste it. That means no bitcoin, no seti@home, no burn-in testing on your code without checking with me first.

All ports are closed except those explicitely opened; if you're trying some networking-related stuff, that's probably why.


All of these machines run SELinux. This may cause things to break in weird or surprising ways. Let me know if you have any trouble.

EMail Changes

EMail is delivered on stodi, and is delivered now to a maildir folder named ~/Maildir . This shouldn't effect much of anything except that you'll have to modify your mail program's setup to point there. In the event that you have trouble making that work, let me know.


The old shell server, chain, was entirely encrypted. The new one isn't. You are allowed to make your own encrypted FUSE file systems (i.e. your own encrypted box that only you can open). If you actually want to do this, let me know and I'll write up a tutorial.


The servers backup /home (but not /home/tmp), /srv (but not /srv/tarsnap), and /etc

Backups are performed every day at a random time. The last 7 days are stored, as are the last 3 Monday's backups prior to that.

The backups cost me money. This means you need to make sure that the backups don't include anything that changes a lot (databases, encrypted anything) or that doesn't really need backing up (logs, encrypted anything).

DO NOT put anything in those areas that shouldn't be backed up. This means no encrypted file systems, no giant log files, etc, etc.

Things You Want That Don't Need Backups

For those things that you actually want/need to keep around, but shouldn't be backed up (see above), please make a symlink into /home/tmp/ somewhere.

The Servers Themselves

These can all be reached by the name given plus "" or ""


Master server; the actual machine itself. You can't reach this, but it's where the other servers (which are VMs) are running. If you can somehow access this and you're not certain you should be able to, that's a serious bug, let me know please.


The database server. You almost certainly don't have access to this.


The web server. You probably don't have access to this either.

If you need something of yours to appear to be from one of the main websites, tell me about it and I'll either give you access to jukni or (more likely) set up a proxy there.

Basically, anything that can be put on here without having to change the lamp stack too much can go here; anything else web related belongs on vrici.


This is the stable shell server. No development here, just lots of really long running screen/tmux sessions, and basic stuff like email and IRC.

Does all the email handling.

Please do not try to do anything complicated here without talking to me; use vrici.


Any development or hacking or anything needing lots of weird packages or manual installs.

Ports 2048 through 32767 are open for hackery.

LAMP Stacks

You are welcome to run your own LAMP stacks and web servers here. If you want to do something *really* complicated, I can give you your own virtual host to do it on.

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