Pre-Writing Notes


If you are planning to read my long-form writings in the future, you should go somewhere else.

The Perturbation Initiative

  • post-singularity, or at least post-want. probably without sentient AI.
  • Boredom has caused the formation of ibid./TPI, which asserts that the only way to consistently avoid boredom is to have events outside yourself that disturb your normal order, up to and including death (although ideally death is always avoidable, so if you die due to TPI action, you have to stay dead for a decade; further perturbation)
  • you have to sign up, of course, because this is a sysop-scenario sort of world
  • our hero is a mild-mannered person with no boredom and no interest in perturbation
  • people our hero grew up with think ey's a stick in the mud that needs to loosen up... or get shaken up
  • somehow (specialized pseudo-AI?), such a person (highly illegally) signs our hero up for TPI, without eir knowledge; wackiness (a la The Game) ensues
  • great pains should be made to make our hero someone that the average person would not sympathize with; i.e. someone who does nothing but work on pure math all day, and does not care to socialize, and gets angry at interruptions and so on
  • over the course of the story, great pains should be made to make such a person become entirely sympathatic with our hero, and very angry at the people that messed up eir life
    • for example: our hero was genuinely happy; happier than the people who screwed em
    • our hero had a great social life by eir standards
    • our hero had many friends who seek em out when ey disappears, and rely on em and so on
    • other things?
  • the goal is that by the end the reader should have sympathized, at one point or another, with both ends of the spectrum and just about every point inbetween, unless they came into it with an axe to grind (I myself, for example, would be unlikely to ever sympathize with the TPI-forcers)
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